Saturday, November 8, 2008

Second Meet-up, etc.

Our list keeps growing! More people keep signing up every day. Welcome! Now that I'm rested up a bit from all the Obama partying and hope you are too (not that the party should stop), time for another meet-up:

Writers in Buenos Aires Bar Night
Friday, 14 November
9 p.m.
Bar Sugar
@ Costa Rica 4619
(near Armenia) in Palermo

Pry yourself away from your typewriter, emerge from your hovel, and come out and meet other writers to discuss conspiratorial plots to take over the city. Friends/companions welcome. Spread the word!

Just to be clear, since there's been a little confusion about precisely what Writers in Buenos Aires is….it is not, in and of itself, a "writers group," but rather a larger, social network of writers groups & individuals, editors, publishers, fans, friends, literary aficionados, translators, that want to meet each other, share resources, and build & connect the community of writers here, since there are so many of us. Argentines, etc. that have a creative interest in the English language are also quite welcome...invite your English students on (since I know many of you teach English).

Link your blog or website to ours! Send us a link and we will post it. And check out your fellow writers' sites already up on the right side of the blog.

Sign up for our E-mail list or Facebook group if you haven't already. We send out event invites, news, job postings, and other notices to your inbox.

The many illustrious ways to currently participate in WBA and tell all your friends (writers, fans, editors, agents, etc.) are:
E-mail list:
Facebook group: "Writers in Buenos Aires" group.: "Writers in Buenos Aires" group: "Writers in Buenos Aires" (This is also a great website to share book recommendations, possibly create a book exchange and/or book club, highly recommend it!)