Monday, December 15, 2008

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Catching up on the news now as I have been traveling and befriending penguins down south, but I have not forgotten you all! So time for another meet-up:

Writers in Buenos Aires Bar Night
Friday, 19 December
9 p.m.
Bar Sugar
@ Costa Rica 4619
(near Armenia) in Palermo

Pry yourself away from your typewriter, emerge from your hovel, and come out and meet other writers to discuss conspiratorial plots to take over the city. Friends/companions welcome. Spread the word! (Sorry, I know there’s been a request to vary the day of the week for the meet-ups, and will do, location as well; it’s just that this week is a tad complicated!)

As a way for y’all to communicate with each other more directly and make this space more open I’ve created a google group (sorry I didn’t do this sooner; I’m only semi web savvy).

If you have not received an invitation but want to join, check it out at:

This is separate from the newsletter & events list; you can choose to subscribe or not subscribe to the google group and you will still receive the newsletter.

*UPDATE: The‘Who is Stephen Page?’ Writing Contest is cancelled.*

As an alternative and ongoing writing project, you are invited to interview and profile each other for publication in the newsletter & blog as a way of getting to know each other and getting our names and our work out there! Profiles will be published on a rolling basis, up to 1 or 2 bi-weekly.

You can profile a friend or use this as an opportunity to get to know someone new!
*What you get as the writer: A byline and clip of your writing published on our site
*What you get as the interviewee: A spotlight and publicity for your work
To solicit an interview, you can:
-Come to the meet-up this Friday to meet someone new (Sugar, 9 pm, Costa Rica 4619)
-Peruse the writers' sites listed on the Writers in BA blog for something that strikes your interest
-Put a call out on the google group as a willing interviewer or interviewee (
-Find someone who isn't yet in Writers in BA, but perhaps should be...

-Limit 500 words
-Please keep it up to your best writing standards and edit carefully!
-Please provide the contact info of the person being profiled if they are not already in WBA so the final profile can be cleared with them for accuracy.
-Provide a link to the profilee's website if relevant (and yours, too!)
-Provide a photo if possible (an original one that you have the right to distribute legally, please)
-The person being profiled does not need to be a published author, or even necessarily a writer; they could be an editor, literary translator, or something of the sort.
-The person being profiled does not need to be a continual resident in Argentina if their work or time spent here is relevant.
Send submissions to:

Link your blog or website to ours! Send us a link and we will post it. And check out your fellow writers’ sites already up on the WBA blog.

The many illustrious ways to currently participate in WBA and tell all your friends (writers, fans, editors, agents, etc.) are:

*New* Google group:,
E-mail list:
Facebook group: “Writers in Buenos Aires” group.: “Writers in Buenos Aires” group: “Writers in Buenos Aires”

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