Monday, January 12, 2009

WIN $1.10 in MONEDAS


Great Sunday Merienda meet-up, thanks to all who came out! A great idea came up to do a book swap, so the next merienda will include this feature. And we will still have more bar nights, too, for those who prefer to go out under cover of night, but you won’t be expected to lug your books to those.

Since many of us have other jobs or entrepreneurial side projects to actually support ourselves while writing, it seems appropriate that we should support each other in these endeavors as well. Thus, Writers in Buenos Aires is extending free advertising for such activities in the newsletter and on the blog, for WBA members only. Are you a freelance zoot suit model? Black market moneda vendor? Psychic? Whatever your services, send a 50 word limit description + relevant contact info and website for the newsletter classifieds (will run twice) and a 15 word limit ad for the blog (will stay up) to And be sure to check out the classifieds at right to see what your fellow writers have to offer.

Now a shameless plea: please help me! I installed Google adsense on the blog and have made US$1.49 so far, which is really exciting and I’m hoping to save up for a beer or ice cream. So if you’re bored, procrastinating your writing project, burnt out on facebooking, by all means click away on the google ads on the right side and very bottom of this page. You may even find something of interest.

Given this new lucrative income, I’m upping the stakes on the ‘Who is Pete Sevang?’ Writing Contest (Guidelines below, DEADLINE THIS THURSDAY, JANUARY 15!). The first prize winner will receive AR$1.10 in *real* monedas for a now-inflated bus ride. Yes, *genuine* monedas. Don’t let this opportunity slip by!



Yep that’s right, there’s still a contest for your creative outlets, deadline extended to January 15th, because I know some of you have *intriguing* manuscripts in the works and I want to read them! So the question of the day is “Who is Pete Sevang?” Similar rules apply.

This is a fiction contest based on no actual person, except to the extent that fiction draws on real life, i.e. you can base Pete Sevang on your real life evil stepfather bent on publicly humiliating you, but you must give him a Texas accent and a Batman costume that he steals away in at night.

What we do know about Pete Sevang: He is a writer lurking in Buenos Aires that nobody has met.

Send a paragraph of flash fiction or a poem (limit 250 words) on the topic ‘Who is Pete Sevang?’ to with “Who is Pete Sevang?” in the subject heading. Deadline JANUARY 15, 2009. First, second and third prize entries will be published on our blog and reserve an honorary slot to read them at the forthcoming open mike (to be announced). First place winner will also receive $1.10 in *real* monedas.

We’ll have more serious contests in the future, too, with serious prizes and judges and blind submission procedure, but this is to get us going!

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