Tuesday, February 17, 2009

News and Events

I am off to Córdoba for two weeks and plan to hold the next meet-up as soon as I get back, probably Sunday, March 8th as a Sunday merienda and book swap, will keep you posted! In the meantime, plenty to keep you busy:

Poetry Reading, Thursday!:
Writers in BA member Walter Viegas will be reading his poetry, in Spanish
Thursday, February 19th at Boutique del Libro, Thames 1762 at 7:30 pm.
From Walter:
Leo mis poemas en Librería La Boutique del Libro, Thames 1762
el jueves 19 de febrero a las 19.30 hs
junto a los poetas Laura Wittner, Martin de Souza y Natalia Moret
Entrada libre y gratuita.
Por favor, difundir.

Poetry Reading Series:
Writers in BA member Stephen Page is organizing a poetry reading series and would like to invite other folks to participate:
From Stephen:
I will be starting a poetry reading series in March, perhaps June, entitled
Poetry of the Americas
Poetry of the World
It will most likely take place in cafes or libraries, be bilingual, and run on a quarterly basis to coincide with seasonal changes. I you are interested, send me a message. Pablo Laurito has already volunteered to be my assistant to handle the Castellano poetry.
Stephen Page, smpage@fibertel.com.ar, or contact on Facebook

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