Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to Writers in Buenos Aires!

There are a lot of us here and we figured it’s about time to create a network to meet each other and share ideas and resources. If you are looking to form or join a writers group, host or attend an event (such as a reading or meet-up), find or advertise literary classes, share resources such as job postings, freelance outlets, etc., or simply meet other writers in the city to commiserate with, this space is yours! We also welcome friends and fans of writers, editors, literary aficionados, etc. And if you have a personal or writers group website you would like to link to the blog, send us the link.

We have this blog: www.writersinba.blogspot.com
an e-mail list: writersinba@gmail.com
and an open Facebook group: “Writers in Buenos Aires”

If you want to post something to the list or blog, send an e-mail to writersinba@gmail.com and your notice will be passed along. This will be moderated! No spam, inappropriate material, excessive posting, or personal e-mails between members. If you do not want to be on this list, please send an e-mail asking to be taken off.

Tell all your friends! If you know anybody you think would be interested in taking part, please invite them to join, on Facebook and/or the e-mail list, and check the blog for updates. And please do share any ideas for what this group can become or how to grow the network!

Maryann Ullmann
Writers in Buenos Aires

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Donigan said...

This sounds interesting, especially for someone new to Buenos Aires. My wife and I are moving to BA in the middle of January. My website is: http://doniganmerritt.typepad.com